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7 Best websites for sending free SMS

7 Best websites for sending free SMS

Did you know that you don’t need a phone to send an SMS? In fact, you don’t even need money! You can do it all on your computer, entirely for free! Just use some of these 7 best websites for sending free SMS and enjoy communicating with people from all around the world free of charge. It’s as simple as visiting a website and typing a message, so keep reading to learn more!

1. Globfone

Send international, national, or local texts for free by using one of the best websites for sending free SMS. You don’t need to create an account to use Globfone, just enter the recipient’s name, choose the country code, add the number and type the message. Afterward, all that’s left is to hit send, and your message will be delivered! Unfortunately, you won’t be able to receive a reply through Globfone, and you can’t add pictures or videos to your message, but it’s still a free text!

2. Send Anonymous SMS

Want to send a text without entering your information? Send Anonymous SMS gives you that possibility, and you don’t need to register. You don’t need to enter your personal details to send a text either, so this is one of the best websites for sending free SMS if you’re looking to prank or anonymously contact someone in one of the 80 countries in the world that this app supports. The maximum number of characters is 145.

3. OpenTextingOnline

You don’t need to create an account when you use OpenTextingOnline either and it supports around 50 countries, mostly in the European Union and North America, but other locations are included too. This is one of the best websites for sending free SMS because it lets you attach photos, audio, and video content to your text. Not a lot of websites offer that feature, so it’s what makes OpenTextingOnline special. However, you can’t use this website to receive replies. You can use no more than 140 characters in your texts.

7 Best websites for sending free SMS4. TextEm

This is one of the best websites for sending free SMS because you must create an account to use it. While you might think that this is a downside if you prefer sending texts anonymously, you’ll get many benefits out of having an account. For instance, you can make a list of contacts that are frequently used and get replies back, depending on the carrier. If the recipient’s carrier doesn’t support replies to TextEm you’ll have an option of email replies. Many carriers are supported, more than 100 of them from North America, to be specific. If you’re looking to send texts to people outside of the US and Canada, you’ll have to use another app. This app doesn’t support bulk messaging either.

5. SendSMSnow

When you create an account on SendSMSnow you’ll be able to create a phonebook with profile pictures and get replies in your inbox. You can also use this website for group messaging, but this feature is not free. Every text you send will be charged 1 cent for each user in your group. For instance, if you send one message to 20 people it will cost you $0.20. This is one of the best websites for sending free SMS because it’s supposed to work with numbers from all around the world. The maximum number of characters that you can use in texts is 130.

6. AFreeSMS

Use this international SMS service to quickly send free SMS to some of the countries from the drop-down list. The limit is 160 characters for sending messages in AFreeSMS, and the great thing about them is that you don’t need to be in the same location as the recipient. These services make communicating with people across the globe easier, cheaper, and more accessible when it comes to SMS.

7. txtDrop

If you’re looking for a trusted service that’s been there for a while now, try txtDrop. This website has been working since 2013, and it has delivered close to 25 million messages so far. The great thing about txtDrop is that you don’t have to create an account, yet you can still receive responses in the email inbox if you choose to. Another unique feature is that txtDrop also provides a macOS widget. Install this widget, and you’ll easily send text messages directly from the Mac desktop instead of visiting the website. If you have your own website, there’s even a special widget that you can use on your own page. You can only send free texts to North America, which means that locations besides Canada and the US aren’t supported.

Make use of these great websites and start texting for free!