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5 Best SMS apps for small businesses

5 Best SMS apps for small businesses

People don’t open their emails as often as they open their text messages, and many small businesses take advantage of this fact. You can be one of them if you use SMS marketing tools to make sure that your customers read your promotions and reminders. Whether you’re a beginner at SMS marketing or an expert, you’ll find these 5 best SMS apps for small businesses very helpful!

1. EZ Texting

Text your customers 1-on-1 or as a group and set up your marketing campaign by using the Campaigns tab. EZ Texting also lets you configure signup keywords and view the reports. These things are nothing that other apps don’t offer, but EZ Texting is special because it offers guidance to those who need it. The app will guide you through the entire process, from asking you about your goals when you first sign up, to giving you instructions on how you can use the tabs and features. This is one of the best SMS apps for small businesses because it’s perfect for those who aren’t that used to using the computer or don’t have much experience with apps. EZ Texting will also remind you that team members are always available if you need to have a call with some of them to understand the app better. This app isn’t oversimplified, but it makes SMS marketing very accessible. You can also use it to remind customers about Google Calendar events, and the app is available from $24 monthly, depending on the number of texts and signup keywords.

2. TextMagic

Sending messages is very simple when you use TextMagic, and this app lets you send them from the app’s number so that responses go to your email, web app, or the API, but you can also send them from your number, and receive responses to your phone. Import a CSV file or an Excel spreadsheet to build contact lists, enter contacts manually, save the contacts that text you, or use the form Click to Text on your website. You can also schedule your messages and set up templates, which makes sending automate responses and recurring messages much easier. This is one of the best SMS apps for small businesses that you can even connect to other apps, scheduling calendars, and the organizational tools that you use. You can pay $0.04 per sent text or get a certain number of texts for $4 monthly.

3. Twilio

5 Best SMS apps for small businesses

This is one of the best SMS apps for small businesses that offer different APIs so you can build features such as phone number redirection into your own apps. Twillio is made for developers, but the good news is that you don’t have to be a developer to use this app. You can connect to the app’s API directly by using services like HubSpot without doing any coding. Building your own app wouldn’t require a lot of coding knowledge either, because there are project templates and built-in tutorials that make all this easier. The app will ask you whether you are a developer as soon as you sign up for it, and the interface will be customized depending on your answer. This means that the app will give you all the information you need if you’re not a developer. This is a much cheaper solution than the other apps since it is more like a platform that you’ll need to learn how to use.

4. Salesmsg

Small businesses located in Canada or the US can benefit from using Salesmsg, but it’s not available in other locations. It’s still one of the best SMS apps for small businesses since it is very simple to use. It looks pretty basic if you don’t integrate the Salesmsg with other apps, and you’ll be asked for a local number that you’ll need to create. Each team member can have a separate number, and you can also use call forwarding. This app works great with Google Calendar and Outlook, which makes handling appointments simpler. It’s also integrated with CRM platforms such as HubSpot. The price for this app is $35 monthly if a single phone number and 750 messages are enough for you because you’ll have to pay extra for more.

5. SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting is, as the name suggests, quite simple to use and perfect for running marketing campaigns quickly. Easy-to-run campaigns are what this app was made for, so you’ll be able to text a single message to all your contacts without any hassle. Use the Campaigns tab and the Keywords tab to start a new campaign and set up the keyword that triggers auto-responses. There’s also the Apps tab that lets you conduct polls, running surveys, and sweepstakes. Of course, you can also use the Analytics tab to see all the information about your campaign. Get the basic plan for only $25 monthly, and you’ll be able to send 500 texts!

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