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Are Personal Finance Blogs Profitable?

Personal finance is an interesting topic that is very profitable and marketable. Many people may start a personal finance blog as a hobby by documenting their personal finance journeys. It is an ever-growing and extremely stable niche making it one of the most evergreen sought after topics.
If you are thinking of starting a personal finance blog, you can be sure of attracting lots of benefits from it.

But first, how do you start a personal finance blog?

Whether you have an accredited financial history or not, starting a personal finance blog can be lucrative. Before starting your blog, first focus on is which direction your blog needs to take. Personal finance blogs are created to help people reduce debt, develop a healthy saving and spending culture, achieve financial freedom, among many other reasons.
Focusing on the direction of your blog will help by guiding you through the rest of the steps, like creating the content and also monetizing your blog. Once you know what you want to share on your personal finance blog, it’s now time to choose where to host your blog and how to monetize it. Many platforms will help you out in hosting and also monetizing your blog.

Important things to note

Some of these platforms are free, but others are not free. Free platforms include Wix, Blogger, and Squarespace. These platforms may entice someone to get started. However, the free blogs have a set of drawbacks that will hinder you in monetizing your blog later. With a free platform, you are not fully in control of your blog. Also, the blog may seem a little too unprofessional, and sometimes the host can add some ads that are not even related to your content.
So you should go with a self-hosted platform like WordPress. With such a site, you can add plugins as you go, thus giving you more control over your blog.

Why a personal finance blog?

Now that you have chosen the niche of your personal finance blog and the platform you are going to use, here are two main benefits of finance blogging.

Earn money with your blog

There are many ways money from personal finance blogging. You can start with displaying ads on your blog and earn some money if a person visits the web page. You can also earn money with affiliate marketing. Once your blog has traffic and followers, a blogger may partner with brands to mention their products and thus earn a commission when someone purchases through your link. You can also earn money from freelance writing gigs. With a blog, you can showcase your style of writing in your niche, and someone may hire you to write for their blogs as well.

Get more knowledge

When you choose to share what you know about personal finance with the rest of the world, you will interact with like-minded people. As a result, you get to learn what you don’t know from such people. Alternatively, if you are the one creating your blog’s content, you may have to research more on your topic of choice; thus, you keep learning more. This allows you to seek more knowledge on different topics, thus allowing you to gain more knowledge in your field.

Many people who start blogging as a way of making money online may have a hard time choosing a profitable niche. The personal finance niche is a profitable niche and an evergreen niche that you can never go wrong with. With this niche, you don’t need to have a financial background; the information on the internet is enough for you to start.