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Disappearing Messages On WhatsApp

For fast, simple, and secure messaging, WhatsApp is the way to go. WhatsApp offers voice messaging, sharing of images, videos, and documents with live locations among numerous other features. It’s ranked as the most used mobile messenger worldwide. Besides, the app is owned by Facebook, and accessible on both Android and iOS platforms.

There’s a possibility of disappearing messages, thanks to a novel option WhatsApp is offering. Disappearing messages were introduced in the last few months of last year. This feature resembles the one on renowned apps; Snapchat, Signal, and Telegram, but slightly differs in the way it works. Snapchat clears its messages immediately they are read; which was not WhatsApp’s main goal.

For WhatsApp, the option is under testing, currently with seven day-old messages disappearing. However, there are added changes for the app soon to be fully implemented. WhatsApp messages will routinely disappear every subsequent 24 hours or varying with the time slots it’ll be selected by the user. As well, it’ll have an option to permanently switch off chats. This is according to their new plans, WABetaInfo reports. 

Given that the disappearing messages  are among major updates of the app, the test is being done on both Android and iOS devices. This new functionality will have WhatsApp users gain an added privacy in message and document sharing.

According to WhatsApp, this new functionality may not affect previous chats. And users have the option to set disappearing chats on or off in their chats.  On group chats, individual participants can switch disappearing messages to their preference. Even though group admins have much more control of the messaging.

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How Will This Work?

Have you tried out the new feature? Did you even noticed it? Below is a brief overview of how the disappearing option will work on the app;

  • Messages will automatically vanish after seven days if WhatsApp remains unopened, but when opened a preview will be available in the notifications.
  • While replying to messages, the earlier messages are quoted, but replying to disappearing messages, seven days after quoted texts are possibly retained.
  • For forwarded texts, from a disappearing chat to a destination with the feature, messages are retained in the forwarded conversation.
  • In backing up, disappearing messages are included only before the message disappears. They get deleted when a backup is restored.

Will Media Disappear with Disappearing Messages?

Do you love storing images on your own? You won’t be disappointed with this new feature. Habitually, media received in WhatsApp is saved in your gallery. When disappearing messages have been turned on, the media vanishes as well. In case the auto-download is on, the media is stored in the gallery. 

Enabling and Disabling Disappearing Messages in Various Devices

To enable disappearing messages,  users can;

  • Open a conversation on WhatsApp.
  • Then, click the contact’s name.
  • Get on the Disappearing Messages and Continue when prompted.
  • Lastly, choose On.

Users can disable disappearing messages by following the same  procedure while enabling. Only that at the last option, the user selects Off. For group chats, select group chat and enable and disable disappearing messages with an alike method for the individual chats.  


WhatsApp’s privacy has been improved by the introduction of disappearing messages. But, there are possibilities that privacy has not been 100% taken care of. Screenshots and copying of texts before disappearing by a third party continue to be a struggle for users. So, as a user, take care of your own private chats to be safe.


Do you love privacy? WhatsApp with the introduction of disappearing messages offers a trendy solution. The functionality is already live and accessible to all users on WhatsApp.

You can start by enjoying the 7-day disappearing feature in place via your Android, iOS, or PC and reach out with your experience. Try this self-destructing message feature and enjoy socializing on WhatsApp.