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10 Ways to negotiate with your cable TV provider and get an upgrade

10 Ways to negotiate with your cable TV provider and get an upgrade

Would you like to upgrade your cable package? Well, most cable companies actually offer upgrades and perks to those bold enough to ask for them. Now that there are many cost-effective alternatives to cable TV, cable companies are much more willing to do whatever it takes to keep their customers. Use these 10 ways to negotiate with your cable TV provider and get an upgrade!

1. Talk to the right person

Maybe you didn’t know this, but cable companies actually have employees whose job is to keep customers from going to the competitors. They are called customer retention representatives, and they can offer you perks to stick with the cable company instead of going to their competitors or cutting the cord. Some customer retention representatives even get bonuses if they manage to keep a customer. Discuss broadband upgrade, discounted movies, free phone line, better DVR or faster internet plan, and you’ll probably get what you want!

2. Call again every once in a while

Cable companies often have special offers, but they eventually expire. Most extra movie channels and discounts get offered for the duration of six months. After this trial period, you’ll be billed for these services and the cable companies are counting on you being too busy to notice it. If you call the cable company every 3 to 6 months, you’ll enjoy savings and perks throughout the year! Simply check which deals are available when you call, and there’ll be always something you can get.

3. Check out what the competitors offer

One of the best ways to negotiate with your cable TV provider and get an upgrade is to threaten that you’ll switch over to the competitor. To do this, you’ll need to know what the competitors offer. Once you find out about their promotion, ask your cable TV provider to match their offer. If you’re feeling particularly bold, you can even ask them to top the competitor’s offer in order to keep you as a customer. Losing you to the competitor is something your cable TV provider is surely going to try to prevent from happening.

4. Bundle your services

Bundling is never a bad idea because you end up paying less for more. Maybe you’re paying for your internet, phone, and other features separately. If that’s so, checking out the options with complete packages might pay off like this one of AT&T. You’ll probably end up with much more entertainment for a lower price. In addition, you’ll have more ways to negotiate with your cable TV provide and get an upgrade once you bundle your services. Why? Well, it is much worse for them if they lose someone who uses their internet, phone, and television services than someone who uses only one of these services.

10 Ways to negotiate with your cable TV provider and get an upgrade5. Get your own cable modem

Cable modem fees range between six and eleven dollars a month with most providers, and they are very stubborn about negotiating this. If you choose to upgrade and get a more expensive package than the one you’re using now, you might be able to get them to stop charging you for the modem fee. However, you can go about this differently and simply purchase your own modem. You’ll find cheap modems online, and this might be a great way to save some money without the trouble of negotiating.

6. Sign a contract

If you’re willing to sign a contract you’ll be much more likely to score a great deal with your cable TV provider. When you sign a contract, you must use their services for a significant amount of time without the option of canceling during that time. This is good for your provider, so you might get something good in return for your commitment.

7. Ask for a discount

Your cable TV provider will probably be open to discussing the pricing, especially if your contract is about to end. One of the best ways to negotiate with your cable TV provider and get an upgrade is to ask for a discount. You can ask for an upgrade at the same time or simply settle for a discount. Whether you’ll get this deal or not depends on the person on the other side of the phone, so try to be nice. If there’s no luck, call again and talk to another service rep.

8. Threaten to leave

If acting nice doesn’t work it might be time for the threats. The worst thing you could threaten with is leaving your cable TV provider. If you call them to cancel the service, lower your existing plan, or complain about pricing, they’ll be very likely to offer you packages at much cheaper prices than those that are available online. Representatives use these unadvertised plans to retain customers so the packages can be great.

9. Try again

You might use all of these ways to negotiate with your cable TV provider and get an upgrade and still not get it. However, if you go nowhere with one representative, try again and talk to another one. You can even ask to speak with the manager because they are allowed to make offers that regular representatives can’t make.

10. Use another cable provider

In the end, if you can’t get an upgrade with your current provider, call another one and use these tricks with them. Ways to negotiate with your cable TV provider and get an upgrade include mentioning the competition, so don’t say that you’re ready to make the switch. Ask them what they can offer that your current provider can’t, and you might get a sweet deal out of it!