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Where to go on holiday in May

The list is endless for anyone looking for a holiday destination with great weather in May. There are exciting cities in most parts of the world that are worth your time and beach areas for someone looking to relax and enjoy the sun. Most people are looking for warm regions in May. Here’s a look at the May destinations that will have you wanting more:

Sicily in Italy

Long and hot is the best description for the Sicilian summers. However, visiting in May promises the first excellent taste of Italian greatness before tourists flock and take over the island. With an average temperature of 14-220C, enjoy Sicily’s lush vineyard, natural island sceneries and historical monuments in peace. Be sure to head to the heart of Sicily’s ancient cities for some shopping and dinner. And enjoy dining in the shade without having to queue for a table this time of the year. Make sure to pack plenty of SPF for the midday ocean dip before the temperatures drop in the evening.

Costa del Sol in Spain

This coastal stretch is the perfect destination with an average temperature of 13-220C. Enjoy plenty of sun and fun in this gorgeous coastal stretch. Beat the evening weather by throwing on a jumper as the evenings are slightly colder. There are many activities to do while here to guarantee a fun and relaxed holiday. Play golf and enjoy the lack of crowded tees in one of the dozen celebrated golf courses surrounding the city of Malaga. Or you can choose to pursue other outdoor pursuits like a sunny beach day, hiking in the ancient oak forests and horse–riding in the mountains.


Cyprus has one of the warmest climates in Europe because of its strategic location, meaning that you can enjoy excellent weather in May. With an average temperature of 15-240c, you won’t be able to resist going down the beach. As such, sunscreen and swimwear should be at the top of your packing list.

Visit the island’s historical sites and learn about its mythical past. Take advantage of this time and experience the local culture in the traditional old villages. If you are a nature lover, take advantage of the mild afternoon weather and hike along the coastline. Give yourself a treat by swimming in the ever inviting blue oceans like those of Akamas Blue Lagoon.

Rhodes in Greece

You can’t possibly have a holiday destination list and forget to have Greece in there. Since summer is approaching, Rhodes is lush and warms with little to no rains; the island boasts of supposedly endless sunshine. Rhodes is known to have the most extended summer compared to other islands in Greece, making it an ideal holiday destination.

The vast coastline allows you to enjoy long and lovely days at the beach, and if you are feeling brave enough, you can go for a swim in the cold ocean water. Make sure to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Rhodes Town and explore the Cobblestone old towns.

Kalkan in Turkey

As summer is fast approaching in the month of May, you get a glimpse of its beautiful face. The sunny Kalkan on the south-western part of Turkey is coming to life. Enjoy many beach activities, dining at the lovely gourmet restaurants, and cultural outing on this seaside paradise. Enjoy your beach day at the famous Parata beach, where you can build sandcastles during the day and then later in the afternoon visit the ancient Lycian ruins and finally enjoy your dinner at the nearby Cobblestoned towns. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday by exploring the Kalkan harbor, where you are bound to find more gems.