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5 Best grocery delivery apps

5 Best grocery delivery apps

Shopping for groceries without leaving the house is nothing out of the ordinary, thanks to the best grocery delivery apps available today. Getting groceries delivered to your doorstep saves you valuable time, and it’s pretty easy to arrange. There are differences depending on which service you use. For instance, by using Instacart, you are, in a way, hiring a person to do your shopping, while Peapod is a virtual grocery store, and Walmart Grocery offers the products from their physical store. Keep reading to learn more about the 5 best grocery delivery apps that you can use to do your shopping from home.

1. Instacart

Let local shoppers buy your groceries in the stores near you by using Instacart. This is one of the best grocery apps that you can use to shop at Whole Foods and other major grocery chains or shop by recipe. Order on-demand or schedule your deliveries ahead of time. Instacart delivers to many big cities in the U.S., among which are New York, Chicago, Houston, and San Francisco. The fee varies depending on the delivery time and the size of the order. The fees can also be higher during busy times, but you can get free delivery whenever your order exceeds $35 if you opt for an Instacart Express membership. Getting this membership will also allow you to get your grocery at lower prices than non-Express customers since additional fees apply.

2. Walmart Grocery Delivery

Walmart gives you two options for shopping online for groceries. You can go to the Walmart Grocery website to purchase items, or you can download the app. Walmart Grocery app and Walmart Grocery website both give you the possibility to purchase other items besides food. Order anything from pots and pans to toiletries, and choose the time you’d like to have these items delivered. This grocery delivery service is supported by many cities in the U.S., but delivery fees can be different depending on your location. They are usually somewhere between eight and ten dollars. If you use Walmart + you can get unlimited deliveries for $98 annually or around $13 monthly whenever you spend $35.

5 Best grocery delivery apps3. Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime membership gives you a lot of benefits, including Amazon Prime Now. While you can use this service for items Amazon sells, you can also shop from local markets like Whole Foods. In addition, you don’t have to order only groceries. Shop for anything from cleaning supplies to batteries, and it will be at your doorstep in two hours or less. This is one of the best apps for grocery delivery, and it’s available in Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Nashville, Indianapolis, San Antonio, and other major cities. If you have an Amazon Prime membership that costs $100 a year, you can use Amazon Prime Now for free two-hour delivery. If you want a one-hour service you’ll have to pay a small fee. For free delivery, you need to make an order of $35 or more, otherwise, you’ll pay $5 instead of getting free delivery. Don’t forget to add special instructions to the order, which is one of the ways to get the best out of grocery delivery.

4. Peapod

Peapod is basically an online grocery store. While services like Instacart rely on the local stores for products, Peapod’s orders come from their own inventory. It’s the closest to a standard grocery store that an app can get. There are “aisles” in the online store, and you can even pick up your own orders to save money on the delivery. You can use Peapod in many major cities in the U.S. The delivery fee will be different depending on the size of your order. The minimum size required for delivery is $30, and it cost $10. The delivery fee is lower for larger orders, and you can pick them up at Peapod without paying for delivery if you don’t want them delivered.

5. Shipt

Sign up for a Shipt membership, install the app, and you’ll be able to use one of the best apps for grocery delivery. The Shipt shopper will bring you your groceries in an hour, and you can order items from big grocery chains like Fry’s and Kroger where local shoppers will purchase the fresh produce for you. Shipt is available in Ohio, Texas, Michigan, Arizona, and other places in the Southeast. The cost of membership is $14 per month or $100 a year, and it gives you the benefit of free deliveries when your order exceeds $35. You’ll need to pay a small delivery fee for smaller orders. The price of items is a little higher than if you would shop in the store and don’t forget to tip the driver!