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Best VoIP Service Providers For Businesses

Are you looking for an efficient phone system for your business? A VoIP system is a technology that makes it possible to make calls using a broadband internet connection and not a regular phone line. Voice over IP systems are cost-effective for all businesses. Using a VoIP service will enable you to connect to your clients through quality and affordable calls. Additionally, the fact that you multitask with VoIP systems makes it good for your business since you can attend to more than one client simultaneously. Also, some strong features that come with these services are ;

  • you can easily track the duration of the call,
  • It is possible to share a similar phone number with the business employees.
  • Call forwarding
  • Call blocking
  • Video conferencing
  • Call transfer
  • Call waiting

Below are some of the best VoIP service providers suitable for both small and large size businesses.


If you are looking for a simple but highly powerful phone system for your business, you might consider Nextiva. Their system comes with features like; faxing, unlimited text messages, conference calls, and calls queuing. Additionally, it contains an automatic attendant voice that greets your clients and guides them through the department they want to get into contact with. It would be best to opt for this phone service because they have a brilliant customer care team. The team will help with all aspects of the system, from set-up to onboarding and everyday usage. However, the downside of this service is that you are not tech-savvy. It may take some time to set it up and learn how to use its interface.


With its affordability and scalable solutions, Ooma is among the best VoIP systems for small businesses. Ooma office and pro plans are also suitable for employees that work from home. Their systems are flexible so that you can use your office phone even when working from home, make and accept office calls from your phone, and use your Ooma desktop application to make calls from your computer.

The features of this service keep your business running regardless of where the employees are. The desktop application allows remote employees to receive and place calls within North America using your official business office number.

We also like the group feature in this system which allows you to categorize extensions in your phone systems so that they ring simultaneously. The calls are then transferred to the next available employee. Hence, this feature allows your clients to get assisted in time and provides backup in case one employee wants to run an errand in the house. The downside of this VoIP provider is that video conferencing is only supported under the Pro plan, which means that your employees will only be able to use voice calls.

Vonage Conference caling phone

Vonage is a superb cloud-based system that offers high-quality video calls, text messaging and voice calls. Moreover, Vonage collaborates with Amazon Chime to give its users the best web conferencing, messaging and screen share. What’s more, the company has integrated with applications such as sales force to improve the productivity of your business. With low international call rates, you are assured of linking up with clients globally without incurring a lot of costs. The VoIP service keeps your calls running 24/7; therefore, your clients will always be attended to at any time of the day. Thus, if you are looking for a flawless system to keep your business up and running even when you are not in the office, you can opt for Vonage.

Verizon VoIP 

Unfortunately, Verizon services are quite pricey, but with its reputation of being the most reliable internet mobile solution, it may be worth breaking the bank for their services (assuming you live around an area with Verizon fiber optic). This telecommunication company offers fibre optics and DSL connections across the nation. People may have a lot to say about their customer service. Still, it is among the few mobile and internet providers with a reputation for maintaining a top-notch network without any dropped calls on its internet phones.

Currently, 21 states are enjoying Verizon internet phones. Therefore if your business is situated in these areas, you will have access to the fastest internet available, good for VoIP calls. However, if your employees who work at home do not have Verizon internet or your business is located in DSL country, the speed might be slowed down, but still, the uptime is assured.

Call Hippo

If you want to have a quality interactive session with your customers, then Call Hippo is the way to go. Most businesses prefer this service for customer support and answering presale questions. With this system, you can easily get local numbers and even make calls to 190 international countries. You also do not need to have a desktop phone to make any calls. Its interface is also simpler to use compared to others. Therefore you will not keep on calling your IT guy frequently for things you can handle.

Bottom Line

Businesses are slowly moving away from landlines and embracing new technologies. Soon VoIP may be the only phone choice for businesses. Therefore the earlier you embrace it and learn various interfaces, the better. Additionally, if you want to include a home-based work environment in your business where your employees do not have to report to the office daily, you will have to opt for these VoIP services. Fortunately, there is a wide range of companies offering VoIP services in the market you can choose from.