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What Is Broadband?

It would be fairly correct to say that these days a life without the internet is inconceivable. From waking up to going to sleep, we all use the internet for most of our day. The Internet has majorly shifted the work dynamics of the current time. If it is being used for the right purposes, the internet is a benediction because it has made our life simpler and much more convenient.

What are the Fundamentals of Broadband?

Broadband Internet Service

  • Broadband is an internet connection with the fastest speed. Broadband offers you access to the digital world with a swift and high-speed internet connection. It is also been one of the most frequently subscribed internet services for the past years.

Broadband Networks

Broadband uses numerous networks to its users. The network can either be wired or wireless. Both of the mentioned networks have their perks, but mostly the wireline broadband connection is preferred by the users.

What are the types of Broadband networks?

There are four common types of broadband networks that are being used by almost everyone.

                1. DSL (Digital Subscriber Lines)
        1. Cable Broadband
        2. Satellite Broadband
        3. Fiber Broadband


Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL)

DSL uses a much higher frequency which enables you to have good internet access even if you are you are on a call or line. The other fact about DSL is that it is not a wireless broadband system; instead, it offers you a wireline system. It passes data through the telephones wires that are already installed in your homes. The function of the DSL is to provide a fast transmission of signals to the wires attached to your telephone. ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line) and SDSL (Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line) are two of the kinds of DSL.

Cable Broadband

As the name suggests, the cable router or modem provides you the internet service through the TV cables. The cable modems can provide an internet speed of up to 1.5 Mbps. Generally, cable modem supplies good internet speed but it mainly depends on your subscribed package and network. You will have to approach your cable operator to get a cable modem installed. These kinds of modems have two connections, so you will be needing a separate cable to attach to your device to make the internetwork.

Satellite Broadband

A satellite is a wireless broadband connection. This network is transmitted through the satellite dish or the communication satellites. In densely crowded rural areas, people usually use satellite broadband services. A satellite broadband speed is higher if compared to other internet connections. If your area has a clear sight of the south, then you can easily get satellite internet installed. This connection can be used anywhere in the world, but the only drawback is that this system is very costly.

Fiber Broadband

Fiber cables do not use ordinary copper wires. It is also one of the most high-speed internet connections transmitted through fiber optic cables. It can go up to the highest speeds that are available. Fiber-optic broadband also offers you much better and improved bandwidth. This network only works in a specific range of your area, which means that you can’t carry it with you. Fiber broadband even works its best during traffic hours, which suggests that you can enjoy a fast internet speed at all times.

What are the Factors that Identify the Speed of your Broadband Network?

The functioning of your broadband network depends on the following important factors.

  • Internet Package/ Connection Type
  • Distance of Operator or Satellite
  • Position of the Modem
  • Transmitting Technology
  • Impact Coverage

What is the Importance of Broadband?

Broadband has become an advanced stride in the world of the internet. Broadband is now considered an integral part of our routines making life easier for all its users. Broadband is one of the most revolutionary changes in the business. Broadband has become a medium to conduct an absolute modern shape of business. It has made the communication system enhanced and efficient.

  • Various healthcare institutions are using the broadband service to record their patient’s reports and history.
  • It has also made the government available for the masses. Through various government portals and applications, citizens can voice their problems to higher officials.
  • Now, students can take online courses and get the help of the internet to understand their school and college lectures.
  • The broadband internet has created numerous online job opportunities for people.
  • The network has made transportation commodious and convenient through Google maps and uber.

We have covered all the broadband network particulars, so we hope you find this article helpful.