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How To Increase Your Internet Speed?

Boosting Your Internet Speed

The one thing that annoys us the most is a slow internet connection, that is why in this world of new innovations and technology, fast internet speed has become a dire need. As of now, the internet is being used for work purposes more than ever. So, if you are worrying and looking for ways to increase your internet speed, then you have come to the right place. To help you increase your internet speed, we have numerous incredible and simple solutions for you.

5 Solutions to Increase Your Internet Speed

We have straightened out some of the very easy ways that can help you improve your internet and connection.

Switching the Modem Network

This is the quickest method to get a high-speech internet connection back in no time. All you have to do is switch off your modem. You can turn it off for 30-60 seconds, which means turning the modem maximum for a minute. After a minute, you can switch it on again. This will refresh your power and help the internet speed in getting faster. If it doesn’t work for the first time, then you can repeat the same steps again.

Locate the Virus

Most of the time, your mobile device or your laptop can have a virus in it. The virus can easily get into your gadget from some harmful websites. This virus makes your internet pace slower for you. As a result, it devises you wonder that there must be some fault with the modem or router but that’s not the case. So, what you have to do is scan your device and get the virus removed from it. Once the virus gets removed, you will notice that the internet is working at a good speed again.

Try Out a New Router

We have noticed that multiple times the speed of the internet gets slower because the modem you are using is not compatible with your internet package. This commonly happens after using your modem for three or more years. The easy way out in this situation is to reach your ISP and you will be provided with a more compatible modem. Keep in mind that the modem should be up to date in proportion to your subscribed internet plan.

Change your Password

Oftentimes, if your password is easy then there are chances that your neighbors are also using it. So, all you need to do is change your password instantly. Refreshing and changing your password is very easy, but if you don’t know the procedure you can simply watch a youtube tutorial that will merely take 3-5 minutes of your time.



Change the position of your Modem

If your room is on the first floor of your house, and the router is located on the ground floor then probably that’s the reason causing poor internet speed. To increase your internet speed, you need to relocate your router. Certainly, you don’t need to put in your room but move it somewhere closer. In this way, you will have better access and your internet speed will get fastened.

How can you increase internet speed in router settings?

Your internet speed principally depends on your router. In short, the condition and quality setting of your router identify your internet speech. You will have to follow these step-by-step points to change your router settings for better speed.


Update the software

To update your software, you need an Ethernet connection to your device. After connecting the cable, you can upgrade your software.

Set your Router’s fragmentation

If you set the fragmentation of your router to a lower level then your connection can be improved. You will have to search for the fragmentation setting in your router resetting options.

Frequency Channel

You can change your frequency channel to the one that is not very crowded. Your router settings will display you a list with a number of frequency channels, and from there you can decide one.

How can you perform an Internet Speed Test?

If you want to do a speed test of your internet speed, then we have one hassle-free solution for you. There are a number of different speed testing websites available on the internet for free. All you have to do is click onto these websites and let it count your internet pace for you.

We have penned down all the necessary and significant basic details that you will be needing if your internet speed gets slower. These methods are direct and uncomplicated, so you won’t tire yourself while applying anyone it.