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25 Vintage photos of celebrities playing sports

Being a celebrity is stressful and hard, it’s not always fun most especially when other stalkers are following you around, like paparazzi invading your personal space. The only option to unwind is to go on a vacation, party, or do sports. That is if they have no other conflicts with their busy schedule.

From scoring 18 holes in the golf course to hitting the slants (and unquestionably a little ski apres), these vintage photos of celebrities doing their favorite sports demonstrate that aged Hollywood stars realized how to take care of business. Well, not all celebrities play ball, some are just great at acting. That’s showbiz!

James Dean

james dean

James Dean pauses dramatically with a ball, around 1945.







Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe

Marilyn Monroe makes a swing at baseball on Century Fox studio the twentieth class game, July 1, 1952.








Betty White

betty white

Betty White, TV’s number one Brilliant Young lady, gives her everything on the tennis court during a television appearance on May 4, 1957.








Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood rehearsing his golf swing, circa 1968.






The Beatles

the beatlesThe Beatles – these vintage photos one photograph on a trip is rare. Lennon (middle), Paul McCartney (front), John Lennon (middle), George Harrison (back), and Ringo Starr (fell off the back) – participating in a snow sledding in Austria, 1965.







Burt Reynolds

burt reynoldsNumber 46 Burt Reynolds in the football team in Florida State University Seminoles in Tallahassee, Florida, circa 1950.








Sammy Davis Jr.

sammy davis jrSammy Davis Jr. (on the right) gets a motivational speech from n Cassias Mud (left) a Heavyweight Champio prior to taking off for a VIP bout, January 14, 1965.








Steve McQueen

Steve McQueenSteve McQueen asked for a golf fame while on the set of The Thomas Crown Affair, 1968.








Alice Cooper

Alice CooperOn May 29, 1977, Rockstar Alice Cooper going up to a celebrity softball game in Las Vegas.








Henry Fonda and James Stewart

Henry Fonda and James StewartJames Stewart with Henry Fonda plays a round of table tennis, around 1937.








Joan Crawford

Joan CrawfordJoan Crawford greets her dachshunds while making laps in her Beverly Slopes pool in the year 1938. Another addition to vintage photo collection of celebrities








Johnny Weissmuller

Johnny WeissmullerTarzan entertainer, Johnny Weissmuller, goes through the ice skating rink on a lake in 1925. The Hungarian entertainer winning five Olympic gold awards for swimming prior to daring to Hollywood.








Ginger Rogers

Ginger RogersGinger Rogers practics in the tennis court to rehearse for a forthcoming blended pairs game during the 1950 Public Tennis Open Meet.








Clark Gable

Clark GableClark Gable riding his horse for a photoshoot after finishing a ride in the  1940s.







Judy Ann Garland

Judy GarlandJudy Garland seems prepared for coordination, as she presents holding a racket on her lawn in 1945.








Lana Turner

Lana TurnerLana Turner enjoys a reprieve from her rush to posture for a photo. The entertainer was appreciating a ski season in a holiday, around 1960.








Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnold Schwarzenegger settles on without a shirt while on a match in the Robert F. Kennedy on 1978 Professional Celebrity Tennis Tournament. 1978.








Eartha Kitt

Eartha KittEartha Kitt seems relaxed while on a recreation day in the center in 1952. Eartha Kitt, vocalist joined a round of baseball for the sake of entertainment.








Kirk Douglas

Kirk DouglasKirk Douglas grins in front of the camera as he plans for an evening in Antibes, France waterskiing in 1969. Why do most celebrities like skiing?








Claudette Colbert

Claudette ColbertClaudette Colbert wearing her tennis whites while she prepares to hit the court, around 1930.








Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman

Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan with his first spouse, Jane Wyman, holding ping pong paddles subsequent to wrapping up a game neck and neck on their vacation.






Betty Hutton

Betty HuttonBetty Hutton, an American entertainer looks thrilled while playing a series of croquet, around 1955.








Gary Cooper

Gary CooperGary Cooper, while playing a round of lake hockey, sneaking by his adversary and rushes the objective while on a ski get-away around 1949.








Joan Crawford

Joan CrawfordJoan Crawford gets one-on-one guidance from tennis champion Harvey Snodgrass in 1930.






Rita Hayworth

Rita HayworthRita Hayworth’s vintage photos seemingly prepared for the slants with her gloves and ski, and around 1940.








Marlon Brando

Marlon BrandoMarlon Brando shows off his activity while jumping rope in the rec center, around 1955.