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10 Disadvantages of adjustable beds

10 Disadvantages of adjustable beds

Adjustable beds offer relief from pain, massages, help with snoring, zero gravity, and are, all in all, very comfortable. However, even though there are many advantages of adjustable beds, they have disadvantages too. If you are considering buying an adjustable bed you should definitely be aware of both before making your decision. Keep reading to learn about the 10 biggest disadvantages of adjustable beds.

1. You might need a new mattress

One of the disadvantages of adjustable beds is the additional money that you’ll probably need to spend on the mattress after purchasing a bed. Not all mattresses can be used with an adjustable bed, so make sure to check whether you’ll need to purchase a new mattress. This is important not just for your comfort but for your safety too.

2. It’s hard to move them

Adjustable beds are extremely heavy, which means that you’ll have trouble moving them. If you often move, it might not be the best idea to purchase an adjustable bed. They are often made of steel, they are large and have many moving parts and different arms. Moving them would not just be difficult, but it could cause them damage as well.

3. There’s a weight limit

All adjustable beds have a weight limit, and you should check with the manufacturer to see if the weight limit includes the weight of the mattress, which it most often does. Keep the mattress in mind when determining whether an adjustable bed is a right choice for you. It’s important to respect these limitations for your safety and comfort, as well as so that the bed could work properly.

4. It can be expensive

Disadvantages of adjustable beds include their price because they are most certainly not cheap. Even the cheaper kinds of these beds are more expensive than some luxury bed frames. Luxury comfort can’t come without a luxurious price. It might be a good idea to consider which features your new adjustable bed must have and choose accordingly. For instance, maybe you don’t need a massage or Wi-Fi features, and getting an adjustable bed without them will help you save money.

10 Disadvantages of adjustable beds5. There’s a possibility of breakdowns

Every machine can break or require maintenance and adjustable beds are no different. Regardless of the way they were constructed, there’s always a possibility of breakdowns. Traditional bed frames are a lot harder to break, and they don’t require the same type of maintenance. While buying new batteries for your remote control isn’t the biggest of the disadvantages of adjustable beds, it’s still something that you wouldn’t have to do with a traditional bed.

6. It can be loud

Adjustable beds aren’t quiet beds. Just think about the noise an adjustable seat makes in a vehicle. Even the best models of adjustable beds sound similar to that. Cheaper modes can even sound like there’s an airplane flying over your head. “Whisper” technology is often associated with adjustable beds, but this does not mean that they are entirely quiet.

7. You could hurt yourself

These beds aren’t really dangerous, but there is a possibility that you could hurt yourself. For instance, you could pinch your finger or injure your hand if you put it between the frame and the bed foundation while the bed is being lowered. It’s important to follow the safety guidelines, but this had to be mentioned as one of the disadvantages of adjustable beds since you can’t really hurt yourself in a traditional flat bad.

8. There can be maintenance difficulties

Cleaning the adjustable bed and space underneath it can be tricky, and it’s not the only type of maintenance these beds require. Adjustable beds have frames that include joints, motors, and other parts that might eventually require a replacement. The cost of fixing an adjustable bed can be higher than the cost of some mattresses.

9. It can cause backaches

The right adjustable bed comes with many health benefits, but if you choose the wrong one, it might cause backaches instead of preventing them. Wall hugging is important, and if you buy a bad without it, you’ll have to twist your back to reach your nightstand. This movement can cause backaches, so it might be better to choose a wall-hugging adjustable bed if you often use your nightstand.

10. There are different qualities and designs

While some more expensive versions of adjustable beds have advanced features such as whisper-quiet motors and hugging technology, there are those of poor quality. Not every design is flawless, so make sure to read the reviews and notice the details when choosing your new adjustable bed.

I hope these disadvantages of adjustable beds didn’t change your mind about purchasing one because there’s one more disadvantage – You’ll spend a lot more time in bed because adjustable beds are very comfortable and convenient despite these potential problems!