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Best Instant Approval Credit Card Services

With some credit cards, you do not have to wait for your card to arrive by mail before making your purchases. Currently, many issuers are inclining towards issuing their clients instant credit cards, and some, such as American Express, offer a credit number immediately after approval for all its consumers.  Instant credit cards are lifesavers, especially when you have emergencies such as car and fridge repairs. A credit card that takes ten days before it gets to you will not be helpful. Do not forget that instant cards are temporary as you await your long term credit card. With an instant credit card, you will only be able to spend up to a specific limit before your physical credit card arrives. Let’s review some of the best companies that offer the best instant approval credit card services.

Credit Cards That Offer Instant Credit Card Numbers

Most financial institutions decide immediately whether you are eligible for a credit card or not. However, it takes time to process the card and deliver it to the owner.  Nevertheless, some issuers offer instant credit cards to their customers; here is a list of these issuers.

American Express Instant Cards 

All Amex clients have the capability of getting a temporary credit card number immediately after they have completed their registration and their details have been confirmed. After you have completed your registration, you will receive a four-digit number with an expiry date. You can use this instant credit card anywhere that American Express is accepted.  Noteworthy, the co-branded cards from Amex can only be used with the brand until you receive the original card. For example, a co-branded card may only be eligible for use at Delta.

Capital OneHappy woman shopping

Capital One is another company that issues its consumers with instant credit card numbers immediately after registration. To find the details of your instant card, you will have to install the capital one application to view details such as the card number and the expiry date. If the information is still not available on the application, you can refresh the page by logging out and logging in again.

Sofi Credit Card 

Most of us may pass the Sofi credit card as a straightforward card. However it has some features that stand out from your usual cash back credit cards. If you are their client, you make your card part of an eligible digital wallet and start making your purchases instantly. You will not have to wait for the physical card to arrive. The long wait can sometimes be irritating, especially if you want to make an urgent purchase.


Just like Bank of America, only a few of their credit cards are issued instantly. These co-branded cards include

  • American Airline branded cards
  • AT and T branded card
  • Costco visa card

These are some of the branded cards from Citi that you will be able to get instantly. A good example is the Costco visa card which gives a printed barcode that its clients can use to shop at Costco immediately without having to wait for the original card. However, the instant card is only valid at Costco, while the physical card can be used anywhere.


Credit cards from USAA are given out instantly; however, the instant credit card spending has been limited to $1000 until you receive the physical card by mail. Additionally, you first have to be a member of the USAA bank before processing the instant cards. Military members are also allowed to have an account with USAA.

First National Bank of  Omaha 

The co-branded instant card issued by First National Bank is M Life Reward MasterCard. You will be given a printed copy containing details in your physical; credit card, and you can start using it immediately.

Bank of America 

Most Bank of America credits do not offer instant credit cards, but Alaska Airlines Visa, Signature visa card, one of their credit brands, can be used instantly after registration. Alaska airlines credit card earns you miles as a travel reward. The Bank of America has reported issuing credit cards, but sometimes they may be unreliable and periodical.

Bottom Line 

It is essential to know what to expect when young people apply for a new credit card if an emergency arises. Unfortunately, the process of obtaining an instant credit card is not exactly straightforward since most banks and financial institutions have different regulations on the issuance of these cards. Some make it easy, while others may require extra effort. Getting an instant credit card requires automatic approval from your bank. If the status of your application becomes pending immediately, then you should probably look for other options. Instant approval of your instant credit card application is not a sure bet, and thus, you should first check your credit score before you proceed to make any applications.