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Why Should You Choose A Career in Cloud  Computing

As the world is becoming digital, everything is relocating to the web, resulting in a greater need for data storage. Internet Cloud is the online storage giant that provides this enormous space for extensive data archival. This results in making cloud computing increasingly popular among businesses, especially for large companies with global operations. To serve their growing needs, cloud enterprises are hiring more and more employees.

According to Diving into Cloud Services, more than 93% of world organizations are already on cloud computing. And, according to IDC (International Data Corporation), the worldwide public cloud service market has grown up to $312 billion. Therefore, it is no wonder why you should consider choosing a career in Cloud computing. 

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a place or collection of data centers where you can store your data and access it from anywhere in the world from any device simply with a good internet connection. The best part is that you never have to worry about your data loss, as Google encryption takes care of it. No matter what happens, you can never lose any data. And even if something unforeseen happens, Google can always retrieve it. 

Types of Cloud Models

Since different people have different requirements, the cloud provides their users three types of cloud services accessible online with a monthly subscription. 

SaaS (Software as A Service)

Most organizations use SaaS cloud computing. This Cloud model provides a platform that is already maintained and handled by someone else (Google or Microsoft), and you can log into it online with a few clicks and a modest recurring fee.

 For example, Gmail is a cloud service. To use it, all you do is send and receive emails without having to worry about scalability or security issues, etc. Google takes care of all things, and you are simply consuming the service. 

PaaS (Platform as Service)

PaaS is a service primarily used by developers. Here Google gives developers a platform where they can build their applications.

An example is Google App Engine. You build an application on the cloud, and both you and other users across the globe can have access to it. 

Iaas (Infrastructure as A Service)

IaaS is the most flexible model which provides its user all the underlying services.  This is probably the most expensive out of all three. When you build an app on IaaS Cloud, you do not have to worry about its maintenance. 

Big companies like Google and Microsoft host the services, so you do not have to invest in creating servers, hardware, and storage infrastructure from the start. 

Jobs in Cloud Computing

Cloud Sales Engineer

Engineers in cloud sales assist in selling highly technical and scientific products and services and provide technical support to salespeople. The spokesman applies the technical expertise they possess to explain and demonstrate complex concepts to prospects and teammates, for instance, the inner workings of a proprietary platform and integrations with 3rd-party systems. At this post, sufficient cloud knowledge is your asset to provide customers the best solution to their problems. 

Cloud Account Management

The cloud account manager is responsible for keeping the customer up to date and renewing the customer experience by upgrading the stock keeping unit, and products on the cloud platform. 

Cloud Technical Lead

This role needs some technical cloud understanding. It requires customer deployment, resolving their technical issues, and migrating the customer whenever needed. This position requires having an in-depth knowledge of CCN (Content-Centric Networking).

Cloud architect

A cloud architect is responsible for designing a customer’s cloud infrastructure. His goal is to understand the customer’s current scenario and create the same layout on the cloud. Now the customer will be using Google or Microsoft Engine. 


Cloud developer is a position that requires experience and technical skills. The role of the developer is to code and develop the service product (software). 

Skills Required for Cloud Computing

To get a job in cloud computing, you should have some experience in the following fields.

  1. Programming knowledge
  2. DevOps Tools
  3. Database Configuration
  4. Handling Cloud Infrastructure Systems
  5. Configuring VMs, VPNs, and Cloud Servers

How to Earn A Job in Cloud Computing

As we have learned about cloud computing, the important question is, how do we get jobs in the cloud market?

The answer to this question is that the internet is a massive repository of information that you can use to learn whatever skill you desire. If you have the desire and commitment for learning, then you can get your knowledge through YouTube, Webinars, and several online courses. Once you have enough knowledge, you can start applying to different companies that sell cloud products online.