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Drawbacks of Email Marketing

It is impossible to have something in the world that yields only benefits. Everything that has pros also has some cons. The same is true for email marketing. The increasing use of inbound marketing has made it increasingly challenging to get customers’ attention due to fierce competition. And getting no notice in a saturated market means getting no conversion. 

But there is no doubt that email marketing is still prevalent, and it still generates sales. Therefore, mentioning the following drawbacks will help you identify some unprecedented difficulties, as identifying the cause is the first step toward resolving a problem. Or, you can figure out some other alternative. 

Ending up in Spam

One of the main problems in email marketing is avoiding ending up in a spam folder. Google’s increasingly restrictive filters have made it more difficult for marketers to reach potential recipients. In most cases, these emails end up in spam folders where no one ever gets to see them. 

Lower Click-through Rate

Often, emails arrive in people’s inboxes, but they never get opened. It is because this is not the right audience. You will not get a high click-through rate if you do not send targeted email campaigns to the target audience.

Competitive Market

Due to its success as the most cost-efficient advertising method for large businesses, the email market has become densely crowded. Larger companies with more resources get to hire experienced and persuasive copywriters who know all the tactics to sell and stand amidst the crowd. Among this competition, small corporations usually never get a chance to get noticed. 

Design & Development Issues

Another problem with emails is their design, which prevents people from reading them. Some people choose mobile-friendly formats, and when the receiver opens the mail on another device, it appears bizarre.

The same can happen if the design is desktop friendly and someone opens it on their phone, and it appears incomprehensible. When you make these types of mistakes, you never get a second chance to sell them anything in the future.


Although relatively, an email campaign is the cheapest method of marketing your products since you can reach a wider clientele with much less effort. But if you are a small business, it may cost you more than giving you a decent ROI (return of investment). 

Providing Regular Updates

Once you send an email, that does not mean the sales will follow suit. No, because when people have too many options to choose from, they almost immediately forget even your most appealing offers as soon as something else catches their attention. Even if nothing else intervenes, humans still forget things after 72 hours. Hence, you are bound to send them constant updates to keep their attention.

Automated Emails do not Produce Results

Humans are social animals who always believe in one-to-one human connection. That means you cannot simply write something generic and automated to send it to everyone at once and successfully advertise your product. Instead, when you send a letter that does not directly address the recipient, remember people do not like responding to a cyborg.

Size Maintenance

We have limited time and even little focus to determine whether we like or dislike something in the first few seconds of our experience. When an email includes large images, which take a long time to download, people do not have the patience to wait for it. In most situations, once something starts loading, users immediately dismiss it. 

Emails from Unknown Senders

Sometimes senders do not mention their names and send emails under the company name like It instantly makes people think that you are sending spam, and if not ignored, they route your emails to the spam folder.

Too Many Links Lead to Spam

It is no secret that you want to make sales by sending an email. But making it evident to the reader is the worst idea ever. It is critical to bear in mind that the customer does not care about what you want or how brilliant you think your product is.

Whenever you send a newsletter and attach links after every few sentences, people probably feel exploited and start doubting your credibility. 

So, when you do not provide value for the customer and sound sales with your email, customers most probably shun your offer right away. 

Inability to Urge People to Act

Another con of email marketing is that it does not always prompt people to take action. Sometimes people read the entire mail, and they still do not act. 

Consider the situation where the reader likes a product after reading the newsletter. But if it is difficult for him to access the product directly, he/she will soon forget about it. Therefore, A clear call-to-action that is simple and easy to click is imperative. Obstacles lead people to give up.